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 My daughter is taking all 4 subjects with the tutors and she always tells us how much she likes the tutors. I'm grateful to the tutors for being patient with her.

Mr Yong

Father of P5 student

My son is currently taking Science and Mathematics with the tutors and has been with them since end of Sec 1. He used to be rather weak in his subjects but since Sec 2, he has been the top few in class and cohort for his Science and Mathematics. He also gushes about how nice the tutors are and I'm happy to have put him under their care.

Mr Yap

Parent of Sec 3 Student

My son loves attending tuition classes and I think it is because the tutors genuinely care for them. They remember their birthdays and make the students feel at home. Even though the children may not be able to answer the questions correctly, the tutors are always very encouraging and write things like "Good try!", "You can do it!" to motivate them. They are also very generous with their rewards and rewards the children when they do well. Happy to have great tutors like them.

Mrs Ng

Parent of P3 student

My son has been with the tutors since Primary 4 and he is Sec 1 this year. He has done very well for his subjects, especially for Math and will definitely let him continue tuition with them.

Mrs Heng

Parent of Sec 1 student

Ms Cindy is a very patient tutor and when I first joined in Sec 3, I was failing both my E and A Math. She guided us through the explanations one step at a time whenever we face difficulty solving or understanding a question. I achieved an A1 for my E Math and A2 for A Math O levels last year. She will be a tutor whom I will always remember and treasure.


Sec 4 student

I've only recently started tuition with Ms Cindy and Ms Mag under my friend's recommendation since its the O levels soon. I was actually very surprised when I received my Sec 4 Prelim results. I was first in class for my Chemistry and achieved an A1 for my E Math! Thank you Ms Cindy and Ms Mag for helping me these few months.


Sec 4 student

 My 2 sons are currently taking tuition with Ms Cindy. The younger one has been 1st in class for Math since Primary 1. The elder one is also top few in class for his Math and Math is also one of his favourite subjects. Thank you for your hard work.

Mrs Chia

Parent of P4 and Sec 3 students

Ms Mag is a very nice tutor and it is very relaxing to attend her classes. She is very patient with me and I've improved in my Chemistry since I joined. Thank you Ms Mag! 


Sec 4 student

My daughter is taking English, Math and Science with Ms Cindy and Ms Mag. She has done very well for her P6 Prelims and is the top few in class. The tutors are always open to feedbacks and working towards helping the students in a better way. I am very happy to have them as her tutors and look forward to continue working hand in hand with them in her secondary years. 

Mrs Tan

Mother of P6 student

These are 2 tutors whom I can tell are passionate in what they do. They organise outings for the kids and plan events to motivate the kids to do better for their exams. My daughter always tells me how much she enjoys their classes. She was very surprised that they remembered her birthday and was very touched that they even prepared a gift for her. Thank you tutors for taking time out to plan events and outings for the kids. They are fortunate to have tutors like the both of you! 

Mdm Seow

Parent of P6 student

My son is taking Math and Science with the tutors. He topped his class for Science and Math and is 1st in class for P6 Prelims. Very thankful to the tutors for always being willing to help him when he sends questions to them and stays back after classes to ask them questions. Thank you Ms Cindy and Ms Mag.

Mdm Lim

Mother of P6 student

 My son is taking tuition with both Ms Cindy and Ms Mag and he has topped his class and cohort for both his Math and Science. He is also given the opportunity to be promoted to the next stream because of his fantastic results. Thank you tutors for your hard work.

Mdm Lim

Parent of Sec 2 student

My son is taking all 4 subjects with them and he has shown great improvement in his results, which allowed him to promote to a better class in P4. He used to dislike Chinese but now, he has learnt to be independent in his own learning and is learns his spelling and do his work voluntarily.  He loves the science experiments that Ms Mag conducts during classes and is always excited to bring the end product home to show us what he has done during lesson. Even though he may complain of being tired at times, he does not talk about not attending tuition classes.  Very happy that he has great tutors like Ms Cindy and Ms Mag.

Mrs Wong

Parent of P4 student

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