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Started in 2012, SgAceTuition is a leading home tuition run by Ex-Moe teachers and tutors with years of experience.

We provide group tuition classes for Primary and Secondary school students.

We specialise in Primary English, Chinese, Mathematics and Science as well as Secondary English, Mathematics and Science.

We believe that students' learning curves can be accelerated with peer learning and healthy competition among peers. 

We are passionate in what we do and are motivated in empowering students to achieve their goals.

Ms Cindy Koh

Ms Cindy Koh graduated from Commonwealth Secondary School, before moving on to National Junior College and received her Bachelor's degree in National University of Singapore. 

Previously a Ministry of Education (MOE) teacher in a secondary school, she decided to pursue her passion in teaching by setting up SgAceTuition with her sister, Ms Magdalene Koh.

Having more than 9 years of tutoring experience, initially starting out with 1 on 1 tutoring since her university days, she enjoys the time spent with her students. She is motivated to help every single student achieve their goals and believes that every student has innate potential that has yet to be uncovered. 

Specialising in English and Mathematics, Ms Cindy has a proven track record and has helped many students achieve outstanding results. She hopes to be able to reach out to more students and help to unleash her students' greatest potential.

In setting up SgAceTuition, her goal is to provide an environment where students can look forward to attending their tuition classes. She aims to create both a conducive and fun environment for learning to take place at its best. Ms Cindy believes that learning can be fun and that the tutors can not only empower the students academically, but also partake in shaping and moulding the students into aspiring individuals by imparting the right values to them. 

Give us a call:

+65 6673-3937


Mrs Goh, parent of Sec 2 girl

"My daughter has been taking Math and Science with the two tutors since Primary school and she enjoys tuition with them because they are always patient with her. She used to dislike Mathematics but now, she loves the subject and has been getting As for her Math in Secondary school! Thank you Ms Cindy and Ms Mag!" 

Mr Ng, parent of P6 boy

"My son has been with Ms Cindy and Ms Mag since Primary 4 and he looks forward to attending tuition classes.  He has improved tremendously and I'm happy that they have been patient with him."

-Mdm Shanti, mother of P6 and Sec 2 girls

"My two daughters took English and Math tuition with Ms Cindy. My elder daughter did brilliantly well for her PSLE and managed to enter the Secondary school of her choice. My younger one topped the class for her Math Prelims and is the top few in class for English. I'm very glad to have found a good tutor for them."

H/P: 9630-4080

​Ms Magdalene Koh 

Ms Magdalene attended Fuhua Secondary school before moving on and graduating from Singapore Polytechnic - Diploma in Engineering with Business. Previously working in a tuition centre, she went on to teach in SgAceTuition and has more than 5 years of teaching experience.


Specialising in Science and Chinese, both primary and secondary level, she is driven with the passion to nurture students and looks forward to contributing knowledge and skills to students. She identifies the individual needs of students and guides them patiently.


Her lessons are fun and enjoyable, filled with interesting activities. On top of enriching the lives of her students in the class, she also motivates and engages them in learning. Other than focusing on academic areas, she believes in the importance of personal development, thus making it a point to instill good values in students. Her aim is to help students achieve greater heights and turn their potential into success.

H/P: 9189-7348

Mrs Lee, parent of P4 boy

"My boy is taking English and Science with Ms Cindy and Ms Mag. He looks forward to attending their classes and I'm happy to see that he enjoys their lessons. He is always telling me about the science experiments that they conducted in class and I've also seen improvement in his results. Thank you tutors."

Mdm Lee, mother of P6 boy

"My son is taking Math and Science with the tutors. He topped his class for science and Math and is 1st in class for P6 Prelims. Very Thankful to the tutors for always being willing to help him when he sends questions to them and stays back after classes to ask them questions. Thank you Ms cindy and Ms Mag."

Mr Lim, mother of P6 Girl

 My son is taking 1 on 1 tuition with teacher KC he has Ace both his Math and Science. Truly appreciate what you have done for my girl Thank you teacher KC

Mdm Lee, mother of P6 boy

My boy really enjoyed Teacher KC's lesson and looks forward to it every week. His results have improved tremendously. Thank you so mcuh Teacher KC!

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